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We are glad to announce that we have partnered with imomspot and we are sharing a community at Mom's Spot Coffee Shop. So please stop in and make friends, or just say hello or promote your home based business, post classifieds, share tips and discuss your home-based biz on our message board.  I will be one of your community leaders so just look for Kareema and say hello and remember "It's Your Business."


What's  A Community Leader?

We have a brand-new opportunity to allow you to become a partner and network with us. Whether you've had a page for a year or more or you're just became a web master, our networking community recognizes your unique talents! We are inviting all family friendly sites owned and ran by women or for women and mothers to apply to become a volunteer community leader to our (message boards) community and to become a community partner.

The Volunteer Community Leader will actively participate in the message board that best represents her own passionate interests. On that board she/he will:

  • Meet and greet new board users
  • Ask a stimulating question or run a poll.
  • Keep the peace
  • Participate at least two to three times a week

What's in it for me?
If you are chosen as a Community Leader,, will give you free an additional 5000 additional credits to all participate of our banner exchange program a month. From time to time we have special opportunities for free advertisements we will enable to you to run free ads in our newsletter. It's a great way to promote your own site. You will show people on our boards that you are an expert in your field or chosen forum there for increasing traffic back to your own site. Also all partners participate will host a page like this on their site linking to their forum. Mom's Spot Coffee Shop will provide a link back to all partners home pages hosting a page like this one on their site.

Can you commit two or three hours per week, for up to six months, to participate in a discussion board? Would you enjoy being a Mom's Spot Coffee Shop Leader and Partner?


Community Leader Application

Enter the description of your message board here:

Please fill in the following information:

Board Name:

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